This 's the beginnin'

T he people don't believe in supernatural things, but everything is an illusion. The reality only exists when we want her to exist, but we dont know what is real. Demons for instance, for me they exist and for u ? Most answers that no, its already what I waited. Maybe they're a false project of my imagination. But do I ask, does God exist ? or only just in our imagination ? If u are a person Catholic, evangelical learned that he exists, and 's above all of us. For me, he is only an I take refuge of people with fear of their own mistakes. Now, who believes in the darkness , what can have fear ? . I'm afraid of the darkness, 'cause always think I'll be arrested, and I dont like closed places. That is very different from the death, if exist life the death comes soon after. That reminds me a famous sentence ' If God gave the darkness is for us to see the light ' . If we will take that in consideration, Lucifer gives us the light, since with him we see the darkness. U can think nothin' makes sense, however, stop to think and u'll see that the without felt here is only you.

Nothin' ll pass that is already with me in this blog, I dont hope you read , but if you read, you 'll try to think different or at least to see that the one that I say can be true.

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